Learn the truth about the so-called “lie detector”

CVSA Bill defeated in Texas!…and Oklahoma…and South Dakota…and Illinois…and the list keeps growing!

Recently many police departments have become enamored with the latest gadget for detecting lies: voice stress analyzers. They’re cheap, convenient, and have a high-tech look about them. There are at least three manufacturers of these machines, but none of them can claim to have any research supporting their use. Instead they have relied on selective personal testimonials on how they can be used to obtain confessions, while the routine failure of the device as a lie detector is overlooked. Are confessions the same as validity? Hardly. For years cops used to get confessions from suspects with all kinds of lie detector ruses, like wiring a naïve suspect to a photocopier, or using the old Motorola radio in their squad cars that could change a red light to green when the mike button was pressed. And, a phony ploy works only so long before people catch on. Just how accurate are voice stress analyzers? Let’s set aside for the moment what their salesmen have to say, and look at what the scientists have reported.